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KVA Bremen

Bitschnau Gleitschalung Slipform KVA Bremen 1Delivery hall, dryer and stacking bunker in two sections for KENOW GmbH & Co.KG

Build time: 10 weeks in 2021
Height: 33,0 to 38,0 m
Slipform area: 11.840m²
Concrete poured: 2.580 m³
Slipforming speed: 3,50 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: ARGE KENOW (Matthäi u. Gbr. Neumann)

Energy from Waste Sonne

Energy from waste power plant Sonne in Großräschen

Build time:
10 weeks in 2006
Height: 41,00 m
Slipform area: 20.227 m²
Concrete poured: 3.526 m³
Slipforming speed: 4,60 m/day
Country: Germany

 Heitkamp IKB GmbH


Energy from Waste Stravenhagen

Waste to energy plant Stravenhagen

Build time:
 10 weeks in 2006
Height: 37,00 m
Slipform area: 9.044 m²
Concrete poured: 1.810 m³
Slipforming speed: 3.80 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: Joint Venture: Rohbau HKW Stravenhagen


Waste Bunker TREA Leuna

Energy from waste plant TREA Leuna

Build time:
 5,5 weeks in 2005
Height: 38,00 m
Slipform area: 9.000 m²
Concrete poured: 1.300 m³
Slipforming speed: 3.00 m/day
Country: Germany

 Diringer & Scheidel Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co.


Waste Bunker TREA Breisgau

Energy from waste plant TREA Breisgau

Build time:
 5 weeks in 2002; 17 weeks in 2003
Height: 45,00 m
Slipform area: 27.460 m²
Concrete poured: 4.850 m³
Slipforming speed: 4.30 m/day
Country: Germany

 Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG



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