Bitschnau Gleit- & Schalungstechnik GmbH had its origins in 1989 with the founding of MST Bau GmbH by Hugo Mathis, with Lothar Bitschnau as CEO.



Completion of the first construction height of over 100 m

Stack, KW Hamburg, height 115 m, slipform area 9,500 m²




Development and use of Betomat® for safe and economical pouring of concrete while raising the slipform.

IMAGE: Betomat® in use




Completion of the first major project and responsibility for all work during slipform raising.

IMAGE: Stair tower/lift shaft, Dresden




Development and implementation of the first aluminum formwork systems.

IMAGE: Aluminum support systems



Management buy-out of MST Bau GmbH by the Bitschnau family, founding of Bitschnau Gleit- & Schalungstechnik GmbH.




Rebuilding of large warehouse in Nenzing with 5,000 m² of storage area.

IMAGE: Bitschnau Gleit- & Schalungstechnik GmbH in Nenzing




Further development of formwork systems and improvement of competitiveness in industrial construction through the first use of the Monobox.

IMAGE: Machine building in Mannheim




Changeover from plywood formwork shell to stainless steel..
Further development of formwork system through the use of high-quality materials, change of supporting structure to aluminum bracing.



Complete redevelopment of all cylindrical formwork systems, longest continuous slipforming phase in the company’s history of 61 slipforming days and a height of 400 m.

IMAGE: High-strength and rigid cylindrical formwork




New technical developments and investment in a new generation of formwork with larger platforms and increased load capacities for greater flexibility and quality requirements. Construction of the highest free-standing building in the company’s history.



IMAGE: Elevator test tower in Rottweil, height 245 m, slipforming height 274.50 m, slipform area 80,000 m²




Further development of our Monobox to Multibox. Closed housing for our Slipform on highest safety standards suitable for round and square buildings.

IMAGE: Tank in Belgium, Diameter 35m, Height 32m


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