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Reconstruction Klinkersilo Deuna

Reconstruction Klinkersilo Deuna (new cover) for Deuna Zement GmbH

Building time: April 2018
Diameter: 29,60 m
Slipform area: 1.520 m²
Concrete poured: 450 m³
Slipforming speed: 3,80 m/Tag
Country: Deutschland

Client: Implenia Regiobau GmbH



Pellet Silo Eemshaven

Pellet Silo for RWE Eemshaven

Build time: May to June 2018
Height: 37,00 m
Diameter: 25,00 m
Slipform area: 5.900 m²
Concrete poured: 1.180 m³
Slipforming speed: 4,60 m/day
Country: Netherlands

Client: BeMo Tunneling GmbH

Silo reconstruction Harburg

Reconstruction of 2 Klinkersilo in Harburg (new cover) for Märker Zement

Build time: October 2018
Height: 44,90 m
Slipform area: 6.370 m²
Concrete poured: 1.570 m³
Slipforming speed: 5,40 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: Implenia Construction GmbH



Cement silo block Erwitte

Erwitte 1

Multichamber silo for Spenner Zement

Building time: End of 2018 and beginning of 2019
Height: 63,71 m
Diameter: 20,70 m
Slipping area: 11.500 m²
Concrete poured: 2.680 m³
Slipforming speed: 3,80 m/Tag
Country: Germany

Client: Hans und Lenze Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG




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