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Tower Airport Dublin

Bitschnau Gleitschalung Slipform 2 Dublin

Tower Airport Dublin for Irish Aviation Authority (IAA)

Building time: Februar bis März im Jahr 2018
Height: 81,20 m
Diameter: 9.533 m²
Concrete poured: 1.642 m³
Slipforming speed: 4,00 m/Tag
Country: Irland

Client: BAM Building Ltd.

Silo renovation Karsdorf

Bitschnau Gleitschalung Slipform Karsdorf 1Exterior silo renovation for two raw meal silos from Opterra Cement Karsdorf

Build time: 8 weeks in 2021
Height: 2x 60,00 m
Slipform area: 4.200 m²
Concrete poured: 1.160 m³
Slipform speed: 3,50 + 4,20 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: AG Implenia Instandsetzung GmbH

Emscher BA30

57 Pumping Stations for Emscher Genossenschaft

Build time: August 2013 to July 2016
Height: 12m to 28m
Diameter: 4m to 23m
Slipform area: 27.200 m²
Concrete poured: 20.100 m³
Slipforming speed: 4,00 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau GmbH


Poultry-factory-building Haren

Poultry-fabric-building Haren for Rothkötter Unternehmensgruppe

Building time: April bis Mai 2018
Height: 26,80 m
Diameter: 7.400 m²
Concrete poured: 950 m³
Slipforming speed: 4,10 m/Tag
Country: Deutschland

Client: Schulte Bauunternehmen GmbH


Walls for nuclear plant Unterweser

Walls for nuclear plant Unterweser operated by PreussenElektra GmbH

Building time: October 2018 (2 sessions)
Height: 15,5 m
Diameter: 6.521 m²
Concrete poured: 2.665 m³
Slipforming speed: 3,2 m/day
Country: Germany

Client: LUDWIG FREYTAG GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft


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